GMOs have the potential to be worse than hitler's auschwitz.

GMOs have the potential to be worse than hitler's auschwitz.

After almost 2 decades of allowing Monsanto to use the human population as ''human guinea pigs'', the damages we see to the population are now scientific results. We have clear and indisputable correlations between GM food introduction, our diet and the sudden rise of numerous medical problems.

Hundreds of thousands have died as a result of GMOs. But we don't label them as GMO deaths. They get labeled as: Cancer; Obesity; High Blood Pressure; Acute Kidney Injury; Alzheimer's; Parkinson's disease; Senile Dementia; Diabetes; Inflammatory Bowel (IBD -- Crohn's and ulcerative colitis); Peritonitis; Intestinal Infections and more.

Add the many other non-fatal health problems such as: Infertility; New Allergies; Leaky Gut Syndrome; Preterm Birth; Low Birth Weight; Birth Defects; ADHD; Bipolar; Autism; Chronic Constipation and much more.

Other immune diseases that are on the rise are: asthma, eczema, lupus,
Addison's disease, Grave's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, and psoriatic arthritis. 

Data shows STRONG correlation between the timing and acceleration of these problems and GMO introduction to our diet. Look at the PDF results from MIT (below). Then look at the graphic below showing the world distribution of GMOs. We in the U.S. are getting the most, and also the most variety of new GMOs. They are literally using the U.S. population as test subjects.

Ref: N.L. Swanson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Genetically Modified Organisms and the deterioration of health in the United States" 4/24/2013 PDF

Global Distribution of Genetically Modified (GM) Crops
Map of World War 3 - by Art of Thought Solutions™



They want us to die. This is the reason for their lack of action in the face of such compelling evidence to which they lack the response we expect. They want us to die, this is not a conspiracy theory any longer. Government documents have been leaked. They have had the plan and executing it for years. The specifics are written in the plan down to the methods. Learn more at: http://Genocide.Behtaj.comIt's no longer a theory. I was already convinced based on all the other evidence I collected The leaked report spilled all the beans.

Point to Mexico's circle in the graphic above. Mexico is a major consumer of corn, but they chose not to have any GM Corn.

 Learn how to avoid GMOs.  The quiet disaster

Contact your state legislators

Contact your governor

Contact your representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives

Contact your state’s senators in the U.S. Senate

Contact the White House

It's remarkable that humanity improves significantly in everything but gets worse in behaving.  For example: Space Travel, Medicine, Technology, Construction, Surgery and thousands of other things we do significantly improve as time passes, but we fail to improve our behavior (our "BEING").  As a matter of fact we get much worse. It translates to less Ethics, more Greed and Selfishnes which negatively effects our world: Politics, Banking, Marriage, Big Pharma holding back natural cures so it can make money, Big Oil killing innovations at a cost to humanity in order to gain more wealth (see how this is connected to Overpopulation. Visit

So the questions are Why is that? and  What can we do about it?  Just as in my career I used to collect data on system problems, analyse to understand and identify them, and then provide solution/s. I'm doing that now with humanity.  Why do we get worse socially while everything else we do only get better as time passes?  The articles on the left side are examples of my other solutions.  They are available on every page of this site.  Now about the GMO problem.

To do my work, I collect data regarding a variety of issues. After I've identified the problem and in some cases a solution, it is listed in my solutions hub at The problem and solution is published  in one of over 600 websites and domains of the Art of Thought Solutions™. In this case By doing this I bring awareness to the dangers of GMO (the problem). I also present Vertical Farming as a better way to farm. Vertical Farming can solve the problem with all the GMO infected farmland, as well as provide a more cost effective way to farm. It lowers cost of transportation, help control Co2 emissions. And if combined with condominiums, it provides better air for humans to breath. You can learn more about Vertical Farming by clicking the link "Vertical Farming Videos" at the top of any page on this site.

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Obama Knowingly Betrayed the U.S. Population by signing HR 933 - DEPOPULATION
Section 735 of HR 933 Bars the U.S. Government from halting the planting or sale of GMOs or GE seeds regardless what health problems are found in the future. GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) GE (Genetically Engineered) On March 26, 2013 Obama signed HR 933 "Monsanto Protection Act." More than 250,000 voters who signed a petition asking him not to sign ( and even physically protesting at the White House. There was no chance that Obama didn't know about the careless lack of wisdom towards public health specifically built into HR 933. Obama is knowingly and repeatedly betraying the U.S. Population. You'd have to be blind not to see the agenda to systematically depopulate. It's not that they don't see the harm of GMOs, Fluoride, Chemtrails or a bunch of other things they do that harms us. It's that they see the harm and target to incorporate the HARM into our lives as one more way to help achieve Agenda 21 depopulation plans. Read Art of Thought Solutions' article: ''Slow killing of the world population. Get educated and keep your family safe.'' Learn more about GMOs at

1999 - Open Letter from World Scientists to All Governments on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)
Circa 1999 - Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). An Open Letter from 828 World Scientists to All Governments. The letter warned against allowing Genetically Modified Organisms to be released without a long term study. It was signed by 828 scientists from 84 different countries. 50 countries heeded the warning, but not the U.S.A. Ignoring even the FDA scientists.

We didn’t have teenagers massacring people. Now it happens every other month. Read my hypothesis.
"Massacres by teenage boys every few months !!!". This is only the tip of the iceberg. The other children who have been infected by Monsanto's BT-Toxin and Glyphosate are younger and as they get older, we’ll see this problem escalate. GM Corn and Soy laced with BT Toxin & Glyphosate also hurt everyone else, but not in the way they damage an unborn child who's blood / brain barrier hasn't developed.

Rogue GeoEngineers Could Damage the Earth using Chemtrails / Chemical Air Spray - Per NASA Expert
In this video NASA Expert talks frankly about the existance Chemtrails. Says GeoEngineering Could Damage the Earth. They are taking a risk using Chemtrails / Chemical Air Spray

Reducing the human population via Fluoride & GMOs.
Almost 50 other countries have labeled Genetically Modified foods, but not the United Sates. The common denominator between: Codex Alimentarius / Fluoride in Auschwitz / Monsanto / GMO. Any wonder why the U.S. Government is ignoring the warnings against GM foods in an open letter to the world signed by over 800 scientist? Including FDA scientists !!!

Shopping guide. How to exclude GMO products from your diet.
The ingredients to avoid. Get rid of GMO products out of your family's diet.

Monsanto's GMO. Genetic disaster of biblical proportions caused by Monsanto & the FDA.
Watch "Genetic Roulette, The Gamble of Our Lives" the video that explains GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) products and the irreversible harm they have done to humanity. is part of the Art of Thought Solutions™ sites created to Significantly Improve Humanity by use of Logic and Ethics. Other solution sites are listed at the solutions hub site

Detox For Life Series Part 4) Detoxing: To GMO Or Not to GMO
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